Thorsten Soltau / EMERGE / RLW – Acker und Seche

CD, 200 copies in full colour Ecopack sleeve
released by aufabwegen

  1. Vorwort 06:49
  2. Kalk und Schiefer 03:48
  3. Zu den Häfen 03:15
  4. Die Motte des Theta-Schlafes 03:42
  5. Ilios / Heimstatt 03:52
  6. Vor dem Hitzschlag 17:24
  7. Postskriptum eines Traumes 04:39

Thorsten Soltau (1-5,7):
piano, electroacoustics and electronics
recorded in January and February 2016
commissioned by Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)
additional processing, using concrete sound sources by EMERGE,
in October and November 2017

EMERGE (1-5,7):
field recordings and electronics
additional processing, using sounds by Thorsten Soltau, and final mix
in November 2017

RLW (6):
transformation and re-composition of the contributions by Thorsten Soltau and EMERGE,
realised in 2017/18
overall album concept created in 2020

Design & Fotografie Dan Penschuck / feindesign
Danke an Reneé Repotente #sokoSOLVEIGH

Bu.d.d.A. & N – dreisam einsam tour 2021

dreisam einsam tour 2021:
Bu.d.d.A. (CH/GER) & N (GER)
31.08. – 14.09.

booking requests: (Sascha aka EMERGE)

fixed dates:

31.08. D-Bochum: Bastion *
01.09. D-Bochum: Bastion *
03.09. FR-Hegenheim: Salon
04.09. D-Weikersheim: Club W71
06.09. AT-Wien: Monday Improvisers Session @ Celeste #
07.09. AT-Wien: VEKKS
08.09. SK-Bratislava: FUGA
09.09. HUN-Miskolc: private gig
with Kragrowargkomn
11.09. HUN-Debrecen: IX. Zajkert / IX Noise Garden @ Modem
12.09. HUN-Budapest: Havizaj @ Riff
with NoisesculptoR & Kragrowargkomn
13.09. D-Augsburg: abraxas ~
with Theo Nugraha
14.09. CH-Basel: Go!C!Art Festival @ Cargo Bar ~

* Bu.d.d.A. & N_M
# as Hellmut Neidhardt & Chris Sigdell & Sascha Stadlmeier
~ collab-set


Bund des Dritten Auges is a fairly new project by Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE) and Chris Sigdell (B°TONG). It is dedicated to meditative ambient drone music and uses mainly guitar, violin and voice. Since its conception in Barcelona, the duo has released a couple of EPs, and – despite the 2020 pandemic – completed a sold-out German tour. At the moment the two are working on completing their first Album – with special guests Common Eider/King Eider, Drekka and Bebawinigi.For those who need names: Bu.d.d.A. may sound like Troum meets Earth together with Brian Eno. But in reality the duo builds on the legacy of NID (1995-2005), who Chris was a member of, and which released a post-humous CD on Auf Abwegen.

“the music of N is like a mirror of the moment.
regardless how much thinking and planning went before, the sound captured by a „live“-recording setting comes directly from the inside. amps + guitar are the instruments used, there is no cut and paste afterwards nor any overdub…
all N-work is counted by numbers that reflect the timeline of recording and / or the moment of the conclusion to go for the certain concept.
all N-recordings (with the possible exception of single-tracks) deal with a real place and so the title of any album does.”the roots of this concept go back to 1997 when N aka hellmut neidhardt started the project [MULTER] together with thomas geiter and mal hoeschen, entering the territory of experimental music. while this project is still going on, having released 14 records on different labels, including the homebase genesungswerk and important german ambient / drone / experimental labels as dronerecords and auf abwegen, N also detected the certain challenges of solo-works. in difference to his work with [MULTER], where analogue and digital techniques melt and the recording may just be the source for the later digitally improved work, N decided to focus on the freshness that can only be achieved by recording-while-playing-the-first-time and went for that concept on all solo-recordings since then, using a one guitar / two amplifiers setup with a chain of pedal-effects in between. with this it is possible to record exactly what happened in the moment of the inspiration, creating an aesthetic in sound that is based on a certain warm deepness, being highly attractable both for player and listener.since 2001, the release of the first 7” “karnap”, a collaboration with segment aka mal hoeschen of genesungswerk, N has released 11 records from single to double-album on the belgian label consoulingsounds and the german labels denovali, droehnhaus, ex ovo and genesungswerk and the french label les anomalies anonymes, nearly any of those as vinyl edition with a certain, sequel-like cover artwork, trying to transport visually the atmosphere and the mood of the musical content.
during live-performance, N does not use any backing tapes nor prefabricated loops.

Bu.d.d.A. / N(102) – split

Bu.d.d.A. / N(102) – split
white cassette in cardboard slipcase, ltd.ed. 50 copies

  1. N(102) – Spaanse Polder 32:00
  2. Bu.d.d.A. – featherlike 20:57

Bu.d.d.A. & N – dreisam einsam tour 2021

N(102) – Spaanse Polder
performed and recorded on february 01st 2020
during the installation
Deep City – Lost Spaces
by Reinhold Bogaard

Bu.d.d.A. – featherlike
b’tong: guitar, bowed guitar, vocals
EMERGE: violin, samples (original sounds by Leonardo Granchi)

photo: Sascha Stadlmeier
design: Chris Sigdell

Bu.d.d.A. – Live Edition #9

Bu.d.d.A. – Live Edition #9
limited CD-r edition of 20 copies in handmade cardboard cover

The Mourning Of The Midnight Diner’s Menu Card 37:07

Recorded at P8, Karlsruhe, 10.10.20

picture by Stefan Schmidt (

EMERGE: violin, voice, samples, mastering
B°TONG: guitar, electronics, voice

thanks to Mäx, Melle, Julian & Markus

Gerald Fiebig / EMERGE / Limited Liability Sounds

Gerald Fiebig / EMERGE / Limited Liability Sounds – FIEBIG / EMERGE / LLS
factory-produced CDr in cardboard sleeve, ltd.ed. 100 copies

  1. Limited Liability Sounds & EMERGE – live @ La Pointe Lafayette, Paris, 14.02.18 21:30
  2. Gerald Fiebig & EMERGE – live @ Bastion, Bochum, 22.08.18 34:40

photography by Dan Penschuck (
Butjatha „Kaiserstuhl“, Dangast
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

thanks to Max, Moana & Daniel

Ambient and free improvisation are a great match. Purists of each of these genres may disagree But the label programme of attenuation circuit has proven time and again that deeply atmospheric music can be co-created in spontaneous interaction. The work of label head Sascha Stadlmeier aka EMERGE is a case in point. His extensive touring in the past decade has led to numerous live collaborations that have also found their way into the label’s releases.

This new album, too, consists of two live sets in which EMERGE was involved, recorded a few months apart in 2018. The first of the two tracks is a collaboration with Polish project Limited Liability Sounds, recorded in Paris. The second, recorded in Bochum (Germany), is a collaboration with Gerald Fiebig, with whom EMERGE already played some of his earliest collaborative shows years ago in the early 2010s. A comparison with EMERGE and Fiebig’s earlier collaborative releases such as “compound”, recorded in 2011, shows what a long way they have come in terms of both their individual musical strategies and their approach to instant composition.

Both tracks on this album are remarkably consistent – rather than just two live recordings packaged together, this is an album with a common compositional “theme”. Both tracks explore the merging and contrasting of extended, laminar, harmonic sounds and rhythmic samples. Found sounds and field recordings play a role in the compositions, but not as referents of the “real”. Instead, they are given a rather psychedelic treatment, opening up dreamscapes that are sometimes (perhaps deceptively?) tranquil, sometimes ominous – but never monotonous. This mix makes for stimulating music that might open its listeners‘ minds to the diversity, and ambiguity, of the world.

File under: drone, ambient, free improvisation, psychedelic

Wilfried Hanrath & Occupied Head & Sascha Stadlmeier- live @ re​​​:​​​flexions sound​​​-​​​art festival

Wilfried Hanrath & Occupied Head & Sascha Stadlmeier- live @ re​​​:​​​flexions sound​​​-​​​art festival
free download

Wilfried Hanrath: bass, fx
Occupied Head: nanomite, kalimba, synths
Sascha Stadlmeier: violin, electronics

live @ abraxas, Augsburg, 04.07.20
thanks to Gerald Fiebig
recording and pre-mastering by Occupied Head
final mastering, photography and design by EMERGE

2020 festival compilations: