Bassenger Medwed Stadlmeier – distanz stillstand überwindung

Bassenger Medwed Stadlmeier – distanz stillstand überwindung
factory-pressed CD in cardboard sleeve, ltd.ed. 100 copies

The Bassenger – bass, voc
Gilbert Medwed – drums, synthesis, sound design, noise, recording, mastering
Sascha Stadlmeier – guitar, bass, objects, samples, design

live @ KunstbeTrieb, Wien, 14.05.19
thanks to Wolfgang Dokulil

photography by Dan Penschuck (

Bassenger - Medwed - Stadlmeier_frontBassenger - Medwed - Stadlmeier_rearBassenger - Medwed - Stadlmeier_CD_bandcamp

Doc Wör Mirran featuring Stadlmeier / De Waard / Gormley – Hominine parts 1 to 3

Doc Wör Mirran featuring Stadlmeier / De Waard / Gormley – Hominine parts 1 to 3
factory-pressed CD in cardboard sleeve, ltd.ed. 100 copies

Adrian Gormley – sax, plastic bottle
Sascha Stadlmeier – samples, bass, ekelele, objects, voice, effects, insert
Frans De Waard – radio, cassettes, electronics
Stefan Schweiger – samples, teramine, percussion
Joseph B. Raimond – guitar, synthesiser, loops, ink drawings
Michael Wurzer – synthesiser

Recorded December 3rd, 2017 at Two Car Garage Studios, Fürth Germany.
All cover art by Joseph B. Raimond from the Hominine series of ink drawings, 2019.

As always, in loving memory of Frank Abendroth and Tom Murphy.
This recording is dedicated to Gary Duncan

This is DWM release # 168

Doc Wör Mirran:
Spitzwiesenstr. 50
90765 Fürth

For their release # 168, Northern Bavaria based experimental legends Doc Wör Mirran have invited their longtime transatlantic friend and repeated co-conspirator Adrian Gormley as well as prolific experimental underground friends and colleagues Frans de Waard and Sascha Stadlmeier. While the core Doc Wör Mirran line-up fulfills the rather typical roles of a band, with instruments such as guitars, percussion, and synthesisers, Stadlmeier and de Waard add lots of textural details using taped and digital samples, sound effects, radio noises, and heavily processed voice. However, throughout the best part of the release, it is Gormley’s saxophone that guides us on our way through their collective soundscape.

At times lyrical, at times plaintive, sometimes melodic, sometimes weaving itself into the overall tapestry of sounds, the saxophone proves itself capable of bridging the gap between a melody-based and the more sound-based musical approach followed by most of the players here. Some of the best moments of this three-part album that was culled from one single live session happen when the saxophone interplays with percussive noises from plastic bottles and all sorts of other sounding devices, as well as spaced-out guitars and a theremin. The album gets darker and denser from part to part, ending up as a sort of industrial lounge jazz for a David Lynch movie.

File under: Ambient, psychedelic, free improvisation

DWM-Hominine 1-3_cover_frontDWM-Hominine 1-3_cover_rearDWM-Hominine 1-3_inlay_frontDWM-Hominine 1-3_inlay_rear


limited edition cassette
Silver-gray home dubbed tape with riso printed cover

Music – Anja Kreysing + Sascha Stadlmeier
Recording – Anja Kreysing
Master – EMERGE
Foto – Tim Greifelt
Artwork + Print –

Thanks to Tim, Guiguisuisui, Georg, Trstn, Tim + Julius.

released by Grisaille


more music by Kreysing/Stadlmeier:


Studio KO-OP (Paolo Moretto & PAAK) / EMERGE / Gerald Fiebig – voice & noise

Studio KO-OP (Paolo Moretto & PAAK) / EMERGE / Gerald Fiebig – voice & noise
orange cassette in clear jewel case, 1st limited edition of 12 copies
handmade artwork – each cover is slightly different
remembering the October Revolution, the Munich soviet republics & DADA –
we had the opportunities
live performance at Kulturhaus abraxas (Augsburg / Germany), February 2019
little instruments, effects, voices, tapes etc. by Studio KO-OP / EMERGE / Gerald Fiebig
recording by EMERGE, editing by EMERGE & PAAK, cover by PAAK
PermaREV Platten PRP 048 (2019)

natură moartă – I

natură moartă – I

free download

natură moartă
EMERGE – vocals, effects
KAZEHITO SEKI – vocals, amplification

attenuation effect ° 1023 ° 2019
live @ Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 29.09.18
recording, mastering, photography & design by EMERGE °

natura moarta - I_frontnatura moarta - I_rear

Stadlmeier feat. Guiguisuisui & Gerald Fiebig – enchantments

Stadlmeier feat. Guiguisuisui & Gerald Fiebig – enchantments
free download

Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, bass, effects
Nan Guazi: vocals
Guigui: guitar
Gerald Fiebig: electronics
attenuation effect / Daftpop Sounds
1024 / DPS07 ° 2019
live @ villa, Augsburg, 24.08.18
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE °


Stadlmeier feat. Guiguisuisui & Gerald Fiebig_frontStadlmeier feat. Guiguisuisui & Gerald Fiebig_rear