gshån enåjyaj – I

out now on the great Tape-Safe label !
new vocal impro project of EMERGE in collaboration with NIKU SENPUKI
gshån enåjyaj – I
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Tape-Safe TaFe-60
live @t K15, Augsburg, 14.09.19
gshån enåjyaj : NIKU SENPUKI & EMERGE (voice, effects)
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE
gshån enåjyaj (jyalosæ : still life, dead nature)


my very first solo vocal impro release on the great Mahorka label !
For this special live collaboration with MARTAVICTOR (live calligraphy), EMERGE for the very first time only used his own voice and effects solo without any pre-recordings. MARTAVICTOR (Martina Vodermayer) interacted to the sounds by EMERGE and visualized the sounds created in real-time.

EMERGE / NYM & DON VOMP – Live Split Tape

two pieces of experimental perfectionism taken from live performances.
Emerge – looped field recordings, distortion and paranoia
Nym & Don Vomp – bleak and depressive dark ambient
Released SEPT. 2016, ltd. to 35 copies on white tapes

4€ + shipping
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