new review ! TOY.BIZARRE/EMERGE (split LP)


TOY.BIZARRE/EMERGE (split LP by Attenuation Circuit)
The common thread on this split album is the recording of sounds in (partially disused) mines. It serves as the basis for the two compositions by Toy Bizarre and the one by Emerge on the other side. The information states that this is the first time the music from Toy Bizarre is released on vinyl, but there has been a 7″ on Drone Records and one on 20city. Toy Bizarre, one should know by know as we reviewed many of his CD and CDR releases, is the work of Cedric Peyronnet. In April and May 1995 he made some field recordings in a disused mine and used before on a cassette release by Serchres Mound (in 1996) – I am no longer sure how that sounded. In the two-part composition, which Peyronnet created in 2014 using this sound material, he opts for a more on going approach, layering various sound events together. This is a drone like piece, but then cut abruptly together. It is not your twenty-minute/one side of drone music, but Peyronnet goes through various stages, and through different dynamics: it can be very low in volume, but also pleasantly loud. It seems that everything that was recorded in the mine has disappeared in the lengthy process that was at the basis of this composition. It works very well, as Peyronnet created a fine, twenty-minute journey here.
On the other side we find label boss Emerge working with the same set of sounds, but then also played again in 2014 on a set of speakers by Peyronnet before giving them to Emerge. It starts out with a mid-frequency rumble of objects in a large, cavernous space, but slowly starts building up and adding some remote drones, pushed to the far end. Emerge too has the collage like approach but his sound material remains to be heard as it was. It plays around nicely with those distant drones and close by sounds, culminating in a massive low-end rumble. It’s almost like a story here: men going down into cages, but there is some beast below there, and the earth is cracking, like an earth quake impending, while the miners work on. Maybe I am reading too much in here and all that Emerge want to create is a fine piece of music of electro-acoustic and concrete sounds? Either way, he succeeded very well. One of the best pieces I heard from him so far. It’s very intense and powerful. (FdW)


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