EMERGE feat. Eljara of Prinzip Nemesis – staub

EMERGE feat. Eljara of Prinzip Nemesis – staub
CD-R (ltd.ed. 33 copies)
EMERGE-Eljara-front Kopie
A truly alchemical transformation: the metallic sounds by EMERGE, clearly evoking an origin in the bowels of the earth and the process of extracting them, are given a shimmering golden edge by the ethereal voice of Eljara.
The singer weaves her way through the rhythmic signposts supplied by EMERGE, and much of the charm of this 30-minute song (because a song it is, even if defying conventional pop definitions of the term) lies in the fact that the samples are interspersed with enough silence to give the voice room to unfold. The unhurried, yet insistent pace of the performance, and also the way in which samples of non-pitched sounds are combined with meditative, melancholic vocals, even evoke some works of Nurse With Wound.
File under: experimental, ambient, female vocals

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