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UNII/EMERGE – … DISTANT GLOW…  (CDR by Attenuation Circuit)

Labelboss Emerge is responsible for the other two releases. The first one is with Unii, a singer, songwriter and electronic music composer from Hokkaido, up north in Japan. I don’t think I know her work very well, if at all, but apparently it has been described as post-Björk and a bit like Tujiko Noriko (of whom I haven’t heard in quite some time). I assume that on this disc Emerge takes her music apart and constructs five new pieces of music, which occasionally shines through her voice, but is otherwise engaged in making it sound totally different. It’s something that merges pretty well. The whispering voice, all in Japanese, along with the computer-processed sounds of Emerge make up from some highly interesting pieces of music. The ringing of metallic sounds, lots of reverb and delay applied to these sounds, adding a spooky texture to the music, certainly combined with that voice. Maybe the lyrics are all sweet and loving, but if you can’t understand what they are about it’s of course a bit more difficult. What I like about this is that Emerge distributes his sounds rather sparsely and gives lot of room to Unii, creating an open space to work in.


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