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EMERGE – HIDING PLACE (CD by Frozen Light)

Of course you recognize the name Emerge from the many releases he did for his own label Attenuation Circuit, but now he’s ventured to a real CD on Russia’s Frozen Light label. Like he did before there are vocals by Eljara of Prinzip Nemesis (see also Vital Weekly 996)and there is a piece recorded with Russia’s Re-Drum (see Vital Weekly 875 for a release Attenuation Circuit put out – it’s a small world). There are only five pieces on this disc,yet it’s clocking in at close to an hour. It opens with ‚Flight 1‘, which is a typical Emerge piece of sampled acoustic sounds, which have been treated by digital means. As always along the lines of Asmus Tietchens, sans the refinement he has but it is still fine music. Of the five pieces, two are solo, and three are collaborations. In the first of the two pieces with Eljara there is no vocal (which is odd seeing Eljara is a vocalist) but it has quite a bit of tension, quiet mostly but noisy towards the end. In the second one there is a bit of vocals, mostly towards the end, although I think most of the sounds are generated through vocal samples. Both are quite good.  In the one piece with Re-Drum there is also a bit of vocals, but it’s otherwise built from a set of rhythmic samples, all of it a bit vague, and perhaps a bit long. The CD ends with ‚Flight 2‘, the longest piece, all solo and sees a continuation of ‚Flight 1‘, and my comment would be along similar lines. The sounds themselves are not bad, but the whole effect is too much mid-range, without much low-end depth. The first one sounded better. All in all a CD that was quite good. (FdW)



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