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new review !
Eigenidyll, which is a new project by Tobias Schmitt, whom we know as Suspicion Breeds Confidence and Sasch Stadlmeier, also knows the other new release on Attenuation Circuit as Emerge (and who is the label boss here). They both play guitar (Stadlmeier also a bass), which they process with all sort of effects. This piece, which was recorded in concert in January of this year, shows very occasionally a bit of guitar sound, but most of the time is actually quite abstract. It is very ambient in approach but not necessarily it is a single mass of drone sounds. While with Emerge’s own work there is sometimes quite a bit of overuse of reverb, this is not the case here. All of the effects are used in just the right way. It goes from all the way to the threshold of hearing up until loud, spacey and bassey bits. I was reminded of the term ‚isolationist music‘, actually for the first time in a long time; remember that from the mid-90s? That covered a wide field of musical interests usually dealing with guitars in ambient contexts, and Eigenidyll very much work along those lines. Maybe a bit loosely organised, but then one has to keep in mind that this is a live recording, which wasn’t edited (I think) a lot afterwards. Most promising start of this new duo.

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