EMERGE – frail

out now !
EMERGE – frail
CD-R in cardboard sleeve (ltd.ed. 50 copies)
live at INM-Phonophon, Frankfurt, 16.11.13
recording by Gerald Fiebig
mastering, photography and design by EMERGE
thanks to Roland, Tobias, Stefan, Fabian, Gerald, Martin, Wolfgang
In the last six years, the Phonophon concert series at INM (Institut für Neue Medien) in Frankfurt has established itself as one of the most important venues for experimental (electronic) music in Germany, if not Europe. EMERGE’s first ever live set by at Phonophon is documented on this album.
Recorded in November 2013 as part of an attenuation circuit label showcase, this 40-minute set is something like EMERGE’s kiss-off to the reverberated, abstract stretches of drones that used to be his trademark for years. Taking the use of reverb and chorus effects to hitherto unknown extremes, EMERGE creates the illusion of a bottomless abyss populated by giant machinery (or creatures?) of unholy intent. Unlike earlier EMERGE releases, on which the sound sources used were at least partly recognisable, in this case the artist makes every effort to make them sound like nothing else known to humankind. Very effective dramatic pauses with fade-outs and near silences punctuate the set, creating distinct “movements” within the concert instead of just pressing on. This masterful combination of density and silence makes this album stand out in EMERGE’s catalogue and possibly makes it one of the most mature works of his “drone ambient” phase, which preceded his current forays into musique concrète.
File under: drone, dark ambient

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