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CD-R (ltd.ed. 33 copies)
Martyna Solecka: voice
EMERGE: voice samples, body sounds
recorded live for echokammer at Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 02.01.16
drawings by Martyna Solecka
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE
Martwa Natura (Polish for ‘still life’ in the artistic sense) is a collaborative project of visual artist/vocalist Martyna Solecka and composer/sound artist EMERGE. Restricting their sonic palette to the sounds of Martyna’s voice, both live and sampled by EMERGE, and body percussion sounds amplified with contact microphones, they manage to create an incredible richness of textures.
Thanks to the skilful use of effects, the live set recorded here evokes the sounds of a multitude of species: dolphins, bats, and vultures come to mind, and as Martyna’s melodic lines, oscillating between mourning and jubilation, clash against the rattling and hissing sounds created by EMERGE, all sorts of associative dramas unfold in the listener’s mind. This could be a sonic tale of travel through uncharted dangerous geographies near the heart of darkness, a story of war and destruction, or something else entirely. Anyway, the duo manage to balance repetition and change in a manner that is hard to find in electroacoustic improvisation, creating a measure of dramatic suspense and release that should be the envy of many composers.
File under: Electroacoustic music

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