CD-R in cardboard sleeve (ltd.ed. 50 copies)

Martyna Solecka: voice
EMERGE: voice samples, body sounds

live at INM-Phonophon, Frankfurt, 08.01.16
thanks to Tobias & Til !

photography by Martyna Solecka
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

Martwa Natura is Polish for “still life,” but of course the phrase is indebted to the French term for this artistic genre, “nature morte.” This literally means “dead nature,” and the anguished, plaintive vocals of Martyna Solecka and the uneasy, vaguely painful treated vocal sounds of EMERGE could well be interpreted as the sound of living creatures in turmoil.

The sound of the living body (human or otherwise) is the conceptual focus of the Polish-German duo’s music. All the samples EMERGE uses in the duo are strictly based on either the sounds of his partner’s voice or amplified, processed “body sounds,” which means anything he creates by using his own body, from muscular body percussion to his own voice.

File under: musique concrète



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