natura morta – I

natura morta – I

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attenuation effect ° 1008 ° 2017
live @ Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 07.01.17

Donatella Bartolomei: voice
EMERGE: voice & effects

photography by Dan Penschuck (
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

Donatella Bartolomei used excerpts of the following poems:
-Dante Alighieri „Inferno“ : Canto Quinto
-Dante Alighieri „Inferno“ : Canto Terzo
-Gabriele D’Annunzio : Che dici o parola del saggio?
-Donatella Bartolomei : Scibilì (invented/arcane language)
-Donatella Bartolomei : Figlia di terra

Donatella Bartolomei was born in 1972 in Florence, Italy. She currently lives in Milan. Donatella is a singer, actress and she teaches both singing and acting. She loves to describe herself as a “creator of worlds”, because her current artistic production explores voice and theatre experimentation, mixing music and art with spiritual and symbolic contents in an ongoing research for personal evolution. She is the director of her own “Dea Luna” piece, a fantastic voyage where she plays with masks, voices and sounds. As a teacher, she creates peculiar courses where her students work on the evolution of their own persona through vocal and theatrical training. Donatella is also a long-time jazz singer.
Her new CD „Sacra Dea“ is produced in Germany by Atemwerft (July 2016).



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