Doc Wör Mirran / Stadlmeier / Gormley ‎– Un – Art – Ed

Doc Wör Mirran / Stadlmeier / Gormley ‎– Un – Art – Ed

Label: Marginal Talent
Format: 2 x CD
Catalog #: Talent Twentynine (MT-615)

Recorded a day before our „Alternative Facts“ LP on October 13th, 2017 at the 84 GHz Gallery in Munich, this double CD features a small, 3″ CD with a live improvised collaboration of Stadlmeier and Gormley. On the 2nd, standard sized CD we feature the entire full-length DWM performance, featuring Adrian Gormley on sax, Stefan Schweiger on samples and percussion, Michael Wurzer on synth and samples, and Joseph B. Raimond on guitar and bass. Special guest Stadlmeier on the first track. Backing tracks featuring sound by Conrad Schnitzler, Jello Biafra, Bernard Worrick, Vera and Paul Lemos. Features postcards and live photos in a deluxe packaging with cover art by Adrian Gormley and Joseph B. Raimond. Limited numbered edition of 50 copies.

Doc Wör Mirran _ Stadlmeier _ Gormley ‎– Un - Art - EdR-12006130-1526420597-5819.jpegR-12006130-1526420589-5988.jpegR-12006130-1526420592-3787.jpeg


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