Bu.d.d.A. – Diese Anmut von Trophäen

Bu.d.d.A. – Diese Anmut von Trophäen


CD in matte-laminated double cardboard sleeve, limited edition of 300 copies.
Bronze C-65 cassettes with black silk-screen body print, full-colour foldout covers and ivory cases, limited edition of 70 copies.
** CD and cassettes as pre-order: we will ship as soon as they have arrived here

this is a joint-release by


attenuation circuit ° ACU 1041 ° 2022

EMERGE: violin, electronics, field-recordings, voice
B°TONG: electric guitar, bowed guitar, synthesizer, vocals, samples

Bees (Common Eider/King Eider): voice: (2)
Drekka: piano, rain (3)
Bebawinigi: voice (4)

written, arranged and produced by Bu.d.d.A.
recorded at ac hq & The Loft 2020 – 2021
mixed by Sascha Stadlmeier & Chris Sigdell
final edit & mastering by Chris Sigdell at The Loft

logo & design by Chris Sigdell

Bu.d.d.A. would like to thank Buddha, Rob Fisk, Michael Anderson, Virginia Quaranta, and Zhelezobeton

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