Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier: Zwie​-​Tracht

Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier: Zwie-Tracht

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Harald Lillmeyer: electronics
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, bass, effectsLive at Festival für Improvisierte Musik Augsburg (FFIMA) @ Galerie Krüggling, Augsburg, 08.10.16Photography by Olga Sengilei.
Recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

The music of Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier raises out of the tension between their different approaches to music, and furthermore they even switch roles as Harald Lillmeyer as a guitar player uses only electronics and Sascha Stadlmeier, which is most known by his moniker EMERGE, working in the fields of experimental drone and musique concrete, only uses the guitar and bass as sound source in real-time. Together they explore the world of pure live improvised music, trying to cross the borders between traditional composition and experimentalism.

EMERGE/B.P./Nick Shutter/Volcanic Queen – Reflections Relating To The Worth of One’s Own Body

EMERGE/B.P./Nick Shutter/Volcanic Queen – Reflections Relating To The Worth of One’s Own Body

Ocean blue cassette is packaged inside a black & clear zip lock bag with destroyed newspaper clippings.
Limited to 25 copies.

1.EMERGE – Lesion 15:00
2.B.P. – A Perception of Leather History 09:27
3.Nick Shutter – Hellgazing 12:41
4.Volcanic Queen – The Scars From Winter Will Eventually Fade Away 13:22

Darker Days Ahead is very proud to finally present this amazing split between 4 amazing artists from around the world. This split has a little bit of everything ranging from minimal dark ambient to raging static going into field recordings and a sonic storm of harsh noise ending in a beautifully composed ambient track. This split is filled with textures of unsettling sounds and is arranged in such an ominous fashion that will leave your body drained after its full presentation.