AD~E – Nahrungsknappheit

AD~E – Nahrungsknappheit
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attenuation effect ° 1014 ° 2017
live @ re:flexions – silent series ° Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 07.10.17
photography by Dan Penschuck (
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE



Eigenidyll – Bambi, das Schweinchen, das Kind und sein Vater (und wie es nach Hause ging)

Eigenidyll – Bambi, das Schweinchen, das Kind und sein Vater (und wie es nach Hause ging)
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Tobias Schmitt: objects, digital-processing
Sascha Stadlmeier : guitar, effects, sampler-processing

attenuation effect ° 1013 ° 2017
live @ xerox exotique – INM, Frankfurt, 26.11.17
thanks to Tilmann Jakob ° dedicated to animal life
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE



DOC WÖR MIRRAN feat. Re-Drum & Sascha Stadlmeier – 24​.​3​.​16.

DOC WÖR MIRRAN feat. Re-Drum & Sascha Stadlmeier – 24​.​3​.​16.
limited hand-numbered edition of 300 copies on transparent vinyl
Stefan Schweiger – teramine, percussion
Michael Wurzer – synths
Joseph B. Raimond – guitar & bass, graphics, mixing
Sascha Stadlmeier – guitar, bass, objects, effects, cover layout, inlay graphics
Pavel Aleshin – electronics, objects
Adrian Gormley – graphics
Recorded 24.3.2016 at Two Car Garage Studios, Fürth, Germany
This is DWM release # 148
Dedicated to Heather Heyer
As always, in loving memory of Frank Abendroth and Tom Murphy
DWM: Spitzwiesenstr. 50, 90765 Fürth, Germany

frontrear Kopie


mёrtwaya priroda – beyond machine

mёrtwaya priroda – beyond machine

Re-Drum: voice & effects
EMERGE: voice & effects

live @ re:flexions ° k15, Augsburg, 27.05.17
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE

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Keller/Stadlmeier – transient behaviour

Keller/Stadlmeier – transient behaviour
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Beat Keller: guitar, effects
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, effects
attenuation effect ° 1012 ° 2017
live @ re:flexions – silent series, Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 02.09.17
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE
Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader based in Winterthur, Switzerland.
After graduating as a jazz guitarist from the Zurich School of Music and Drama (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich), Beat Keller obtained a Master of Arts in composition from the Lucerne School of Music (Musikhochschule Luzern).
Among his current projects are Keller’s 10, Gunfire Orchestra (CH/NO/SA), Bowee.Keller (CH), Peckinpah Trio (CH/USA), Beat Keller, Darius Ciuata (CH/LIT) and Tilo Weber’s Animate Repose (DE).
His compositions have been played and recorded by NDR Bigband, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Ballbreaker Ensemble, Composer’s Group Ensemble, Keller’s 10 and the Haiku String Trio.
Beat Keller has played concerts at renowned festivals in Switzerland, in neighbouring Europe, the United States and on the African continent.
Record releases on: Unit Records, Alpinechic (both CH), Edition Wandelweiser Records, Attenuation Circuit, Shoebill Records (all DE), Silken Tofu (BE), Plus Timbre (GR) and others.
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SONOMETER feat. Gus Ring – sonora

SONOMETER feat. Gus Ring – sonora
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live @ k15, Augsburg, 18.08.17

SRVTR: electronics, paintings
EMERGE: electronics, bass, objects, recording, mastering, design
Gus Ring: voice, effects

SONOMETER is a collaboration project of Gildas Brugaro aka SRVTR (Rennes) and Sascha Stadlmeier aka EMERGE (Augsburg).
It’s based on source sounds by SRVTR reworked by EMERGE first and then reworked by SRVTR again and so on. All further treatments used mostly the method of recycling without adding any new sounds. Apart from their current solo works, which are more in the vein of dark techno (SRVTR) and abstract musique concrète (EMERGE), SONOMETER’s music evokes dark atmospheres consistent of rough ambient noise.

Inspired by the alternative rockband scene and the simplicity of singer-songwriters, Gus Ring creates his own mix of acoustic folk and lo-fi… more

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