RE-DRUM / EMERGE – split

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RE-DRUM / EMERGE – split
white cassette in white jewel case (ltd.ed. 50copies)
live at echokammer, Augsburg, 28.03.15
Live at Eufemia, Warszawa, 14.04.15
This split tape documents two performances of the respective artists on their European tour 2015, one by Re-Drum in Augsburg, the attenuation circuit label homebase, and one by EMERGE in Warszawa – a great example of attenuation circuit’s increasing live presence in the experimental music underground throughout Europe.
Both performances start from drones and take them into the area of noise. There is a certain roughness, if not harshness, to the sound that translates well into the tape medium. The “live” feeling is almost palpable in the recordings, as one can feel the performers being carried from the drone structures they’re known for into more extreme territories, riding the wave of intensity and feedback that only comes from concert situations.
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CD-R in cardboard sleeve (ltd.ed. 50 copies)
Recorded back in 2011, “compound” is a live collaboration between EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig, recorded at a concert supporting Nocturnal Emissions (the live set by Nocturnal Emissions has already been released on attenuation circuit as “compost”). The combination of synthesised quasi-melodies and metallic noises is rather unusual for the work of both artists at the time, making this an interesting addition to both of their catalogues.
In what is possibly quite a fitting tribute to their guest Nocturnal Emissions, one of the pioneers of so-called “industrial” music, EMERGE and Fiebig create a kind of factory-floor ambience by throwing (surprisingly rhythmic) loops of metallic clanks around the stereo field, then driving their whole system into a dense drone mayhem like a machine getting stuck in a dangerous overdrive mode, and then seguing into more quiet, but also more uncertain terrain by combining muffled voice footage with spacious, yet ominously undefinable sounds. With hindsight, this recording appears like a watershed between the dense dronescapes present in both EMERGE and Fiebig’s work for quite a while and the more “concrète” sounds they have been focusing on since then.
File under: drone, musique concrète

new review in vital weekly

new review !
Eigenidyll, which is a new project by Tobias Schmitt, whom we know as Suspicion Breeds Confidence and Sasch Stadlmeier, also knows the other new release on Attenuation Circuit as Emerge (and who is the label boss here). They both play guitar (Stadlmeier also a bass), which they process with all sort of effects. This piece, which was recorded in concert in January of this year, shows very occasionally a bit of guitar sound, but most of the time is actually quite abstract. It is very ambient in approach but not necessarily it is a single mass of drone sounds. While with Emerge’s own work there is sometimes quite a bit of overuse of reverb, this is not the case here. All of the effects are used in just the right way. It goes from all the way to the threshold of hearing up until loud, spacey and bassey bits. I was reminded of the term ‚isolationist music‘, actually for the first time in a long time; remember that from the mid-90s? That covered a wide field of musical interests usually dealing with guitars in ambient contexts, and Eigenidyll very much work along those lines. Maybe a bit loosely organised, but then one has to keep in mind that this is a live recording, which wasn’t edited (I think) a lot afterwards. Most promising start of this new duo.

new review in vital weekly

EMERGE – HIDING PLACE (CD by Frozen Light)

Of course you recognize the name Emerge from the many releases he did for his own label Attenuation Circuit, but now he’s ventured to a real CD on Russia’s Frozen Light label. Like he did before there are vocals by Eljara of Prinzip Nemesis (see also Vital Weekly 996)and there is a piece recorded with Russia’s Re-Drum (see Vital Weekly 875 for a release Attenuation Circuit put out – it’s a small world). There are only five pieces on this disc,yet it’s clocking in at close to an hour. It opens with ‚Flight 1‘, which is a typical Emerge piece of sampled acoustic sounds, which have been treated by digital means. As always along the lines of Asmus Tietchens, sans the refinement he has but it is still fine music. Of the five pieces, two are solo, and three are collaborations. In the first of the two pieces with Eljara there is no vocal (which is odd seeing Eljara is a vocalist) but it has quite a bit of tension, quiet mostly but noisy towards the end. In the second one there is a bit of vocals, mostly towards the end, although I think most of the sounds are generated through vocal samples. Both are quite good.  In the one piece with Re-Drum there is also a bit of vocals, but it’s otherwise built from a set of rhythmic samples, all of it a bit vague, and perhaps a bit long. The CD ends with ‚Flight 2‘, the longest piece, all solo and sees a continuation of ‚Flight 1‘, and my comment would be along similar lines. The sounds themselves are not bad, but the whole effect is too much mid-range, without much low-end depth. The first one sounded better. All in all a CD that was quite good. (FdW)


EIGENIDYLL – Kurmaßnahmen

CD-R (ltd.ed. 50 copies)

Tobias Schmitt: guitar, processing
Sascha Stadlmeier : guitar, bass, sampler-processing

recorded live at INM-Phonophon, Frankfurt, 08.01.16

photography by Andrea Forster
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

released February 21, 2016

Eigenidyll sind Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE, Augsburg) und Tobias Schmitt (Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Frankfurt). Für dieses Projekt bewegen sie sich aus ihren jeweiligen rein elektronischen Komfortzonen, um als „Gitarrenduo“ zu improvisieren. Dabei werden die Sounds der Gitarren mittels der jeweiligen Processing- und Loop-Maschinerie bearbeitet. Die unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen bzgl. Verwendung der Instrumente und der Verfremdung der Klänge verschmelzen schlußendlich zu etwas eigenartig Neuem.

Eigenidyll-front Kopie

Eigenidyll-rear Kopie


cassette (ltd.ed. 50 copies)

live at echokammer
Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, 07.03.15
recording and mastering by EMERGE

live at ecokammer recycled by EMERGE
additional sounds and final mix by Piotr Cisak

Piotr Cisak & Freeze „Virtus“ recycled by EMERGE
additional sounds and final mix by EMERGE
voice by Martyna Solecka

photography by
desgn by EMERGE