NEW REVIEW ! toy.bizarre/EMERGE ~ split

a closer listen:

Here’s a great test for A Closer Listen staffers: play one side of an LP containing collaged field recordings, and another side containing these same field recordings, enhanced by drones.  Then challenge them to label the sides.  Even after learning the answer, the ears remain fooled; Cédric Peyronnet’s (toy.bizarre‘s) side seems more like a soundscape, while Sascha Stadlmeier’s (EMERGE‘s) side seems more like a field work.  The blurred line underlines the congruity between field recording and structured drone; on this release, the artists flip the script.

French sound artist Peyronnet (who also records as ingeos) has been sitting on these recordings for quite a while.  Originally captured in a mine two decades ago, these crumbling, reverberant, rock-based sounds were recently given the once-over, as if the artist had suddenly realized that he had mined a vein of sonic gold.  The opening minutes include the sound of gravel, backed by a cavernous, looped echo; as the piece develops, the sound of stone seems to turn into the sound of steel, while a higher-pitched drone develops.  Then it all drops out, like the silence after a person has fallen down a well.  One imagines the flickering flashlight, the illuminated petroglyph, the broken leg, the shattered transmitter.  From here, it’s an arduous journey back to the light.

When an avian-like aural pattern develops toward the end of “kdi dctb 018[a]”, followed by an even more oppressive whorl, one remembers that the word composition applies to collage as much as it does to the genesis of sounds.  Whenever a conscious choice is made that alters the frequency, order or amplitude of field recordings, it becomes a soundscape.  Peyronnet excels in this field because he has an ear for development.  Nothing in “[a]” or “[b]” seems random; this is already a fully-fledged work.  By the midpoint of “[b]”, cacophony threatens to overwhelm the listener, in the same manner as immersive drone; it’s humbling to think that the source recordings stem from nature.

Now enter EMERGE, the head of the Attenuation Circuit label, who must have been overjoyed to have such rich source material to work with.  Known primarily as a noise/drone artist, EMERGE turns in a surprisingly restrained side-long piece, softer than toy.bizarre’s side but more overtly rhythmic.  With the exception of the looped percussive noises, one cannot tell the difference between the natural and the manipulated.  The “new” drones may take the place of the “old”, but primitive music took its cues from nature, while effective modern music connects listeners to primeval roots.

Repetition exists on both sides, but the transitions (beginning at 2:18) are more abrupt than one might usually encounter outside of composition.  One recognizes the sounds of Side A when one hears them again on Side B ~ the crackling, the rustling, the dull roar.  The shattered glass sounds of the twelfth minute are sharper, but the hums are quieter, creating a different sort of contrast.  In the fifteenth minute, the artist seems to be drawing on the mine wall with a rock.  The human element is more apparent here, where it is not expected ~ the artist’s familiar walls of sound have been replaced by sound with walls.

This split release is a fascinating document on two levels.  Both musically diverse and psychologically challenging, it entertains while posing questions of how we hear and interpret sonic data.  As a sonic dialogue, this split release is far more than the sum of its parts.  (Richard Allen)

new review ! TOY.BIZARRE/EMERGE (split LP)


TOY.BIZARRE/EMERGE (split LP by Attenuation Circuit)
The common thread on this split album is the recording of sounds in (partially disused) mines. It serves as the basis for the two compositions by Toy Bizarre and the one by Emerge on the other side. The information states that this is the first time the music from Toy Bizarre is released on vinyl, but there has been a 7″ on Drone Records and one on 20city. Toy Bizarre, one should know by know as we reviewed many of his CD and CDR releases, is the work of Cedric Peyronnet. In April and May 1995 he made some field recordings in a disused mine and used before on a cassette release by Serchres Mound (in 1996) – I am no longer sure how that sounded. In the two-part composition, which Peyronnet created in 2014 using this sound material, he opts for a more on going approach, layering various sound events together. This is a drone like piece, but then cut abruptly together. It is not your twenty-minute/one side of drone music, but Peyronnet goes through various stages, and through different dynamics: it can be very low in volume, but also pleasantly loud. It seems that everything that was recorded in the mine has disappeared in the lengthy process that was at the basis of this composition. It works very well, as Peyronnet created a fine, twenty-minute journey here.
On the other side we find label boss Emerge working with the same set of sounds, but then also played again in 2014 on a set of speakers by Peyronnet before giving them to Emerge. It starts out with a mid-frequency rumble of objects in a large, cavernous space, but slowly starts building up and adding some remote drones, pushed to the far end. Emerge too has the collage like approach but his sound material remains to be heard as it was. It plays around nicely with those distant drones and close by sounds, culminating in a massive low-end rumble. It’s almost like a story here: men going down into cages, but there is some beast below there, and the earth is cracking, like an earth quake impending, while the miners work on. Maybe I am reading too much in here and all that Emerge want to create is a fine piece of music of electro-acoustic and concrete sounds? Either way, he succeeded very well. One of the best pieces I heard from him so far. It’s very intense and powerful. (FdW)


EMERGE is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres emerge that are open to each listener’s own interpretation. The choice of sound sources used is usually very limited. In most cases only rudiments of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments. EMERGE also uses and recycles raw material from a variety of artists/musicians.


pre EMERGE: Dependenz

side projects: Exedo, Narcoses, NYMIMMERGE

collaboration projects: Conclusive Entanglement, Das Audiovisuelle Kollektiv, Deconstruction Disco, Omphalocele, Eigenidyll, EigenGOdyllMartwa NaturaSascha StadlmeierGshån Enåjyaj, Phonographia, Pat Moonchy Trio, natura morta,  Sonometer, ViolinT, naturaleza muertamёrtwaya priroda, ESZSE, AD~Enatură moartă, DYSTOPIAN LEGACY, BU.D.D.A.

EMERGE also runs attenuation circuit, a label for experimental music and is an organizer for mostly experimental music located in Augsburg, Germany.




the future:

17./18.04.21 D-Rhön: sk kunsttage @ RADOM auf der Wasserkuppe

date tba D-Augsburg: villa: as ULDOROX vs. EXEDO with DREI ORANGEN

the past:

13.02.21 online-event: EMERGE plays Gerald Fiebig
21.10.20 D-Mönchengladbach: Projekt42: as Bu.d.d.A. with LADR ACHE
18.10.20 D-Dresden: Club Debil @ Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz: as Bu.d.d.A.
also b°tong / EMERGE
17.10.20 D-Chemnitz: private gig: as Bud.d.A.
16.10.20 D-Kiel: Leiser Lärm @ Galerie ONspace: as Bu.d.d.A.
with Das Unpreetzise Klang-Labor
15.10.20 D-Hamburg: Mikropol: as Bu.d.d.A.
with Vermin
10.10.20 D-Karlsruhe: P8: as Bu.d.d.A.
with Black Annis X Brnjsmin
09.10.20 D-Offenbach: Commons Café: as Bu.d.d.A.
23.09.20 D-Münster: Theater im Pumpenhaus: „steps“ av project by EaZy & EMERGE
with Aidan Baker
11.09.20 A-Wien: Vekks: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS
04.07.20 D-Augsburg: re:flexions / sound-art festival @ abraxas:
as Sascha Stadlmeier & Occupied Head & Wilfried Hanrath
with deep & N & Markus Mehr
30.11.19 D-Augsburg: private event: with DREKKA & Die Pimmelwürmer
19.10.19 D-Lauter Krach Festival: as CHAOTALION & EMERGE
17.10.19 D-Bleckede: Noise Factory live @ Café Zeitraum: as Sascha Stadlmeier with Robert Frey & Arne Heisch & Wolfgang Neven & Henning André Voss
10.10.19 D-Nürnberg: Salon der unerfüllten Wünsche: with Gerald Fiebig
21./22.09.19 D-Rhön: sk kunsttage @ RADOM auf der Wasserkuppe: with Moogulator & Bryan Hillesheim & Michael Ammann & Das Institut & La Musica & Weltklang & Siegfried Kärcher

13.09.19 D-Freiburg: Bretterbude with CHAOTALION & B°TONG
12.09.19 CH-Zürich: umbo: as Bu.d.d.A. with CHAOTALION & Feyz
10.09. IT.Chiuppano: Osteria al Castello: with CHAOTALION & B°TONG
09.09. IT- Roma: Fanfulla 5/a – Circolo Arci: with CHAOTALION & B°TONG
08.09.19 IT-Imola: BRIGATA: with CHAOTALION & B°TONG
06./07.09.19 SI- Trbovlje : Zasavje Noisefest: as B°TONG x EMERGE
05.09.19 SI-Ljubljana: Kino Šiška: as b°tong vs. EMERGE vs. Feursalamander auf Marzipan with Eraldo Bernocchi & Umdhlebi
31.08.19 D-Augsburg: villa: as Gerald Fiebig & EMERGE with Donatella Bartolomei & kha.wis & Tonto
30.08.19 D-München: International Tubax Super Session
12.08.19 CZ-Praha: Balada Bar: with HYBRYD FREQUENCY & DAS ASTRAL & CHRUP
09.08.19 POL-Kraków: Scena Supernova: with GUIGUISUISUI & GESPENSTER & KIEDROWSKI
08.08.19 POL-Nowica: : private event: with GUIGUISUISUI
06.08.19 POL-Dąbrowa Dolna: private event: with GUIGUISUISUI
03./04.08.19 POL-Garbicz Festival: as GUIGUISUISUI feat. EMERGE
02.08.19 POL-Pobiedna: Borderline Festival @ Atelier Wolimierz
01.08.19 CZ-Praha: (A)VOID Floating Gallery: as GUIGUISUISUI feat. EMERGE
31.07.19 D-Chemnitz: Plus Bar: with GUIGUISUISUI
30.07.19 CZ-Libušín: Atelier Libušín: with GUIGUISUISUI
26.07.19 HUN-Miskolc: Tinta Social @ rejtek: with GUIGUISUISUI & BOM
25.07.19 HUN-Kapolcs/Taliándörögd : Művészetek Völgye/Valley of the Arts: as GUIGUISUISUI feat. EMERGE
24.07.19 CZ-České Budějovice: Hyacinth: with GUIGUISUISUI
23.07.19 D-Frankfurt: xerox exotique @ INM: with GUIGUISUISUI
22.07.19 D-Wuppertal: Grölle passprojects: with GUIGUISUISUI
21.07.19 D-Berlin: An der Autobahn: as EMERGE feat. NEKRONOISE & ANDREEA
20.07.19 D-Weikersheim: Club W71: with DAVE PHILLIPS & Sŭāsum
19.07.19 D-Augsburg: re:flexions / sound-art festival 2019 @ abraxas
with fezayafirar & TAKKIDUDA feat. Re-Drum & Dave Phillips & Sŭāsum
& Prinzip Nemesis
14.07.19 CZ-Ostrava: Klubovna Jeden Tag: with DAVE PHILLIPS
13.07.19 POL-Katowice: BAZAR: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ
12.07.19 POL-Wrocław: D.K. Luksus: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ & R-1 & Vilgoć
11.07.19 POL-Poznań: DOMIE: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ & Dąbrowski
10.07.19 POL-Warszawa: Przychodnia Skłot: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ
09.07.19 POL-Łódź: DOM: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ & Wiktor Skok
08.07.19 POL-Kraków: Baza: with DAVE PHILLIPS & EMPTYZ
04.-06.07.19 SK-Hradby Samoty Festival: as INSTINCT PRIMAL & EMERGE
03.06.19 D-Bremen: Hulsberg Crowd: with Gerald Fiebig & Mattia Bonafini
02.06.19 D-Hamburg: blurred edges @ Albphilharmonie: with Gerald Fiebig & PAAK & THE OVAL LANGUAGE
02.06.19 D-Hamburg: Das Archipel: Matineé release show: with Gerald Fiebig
01.06.19 D-Düsseldorf: Galerie Stolte: with Gerald Fiebig
29.05.19 D-Münster: cuba – black box: with Gerald Fiebig & Anja Kreysing
14.05.19 A-Wien: IMPRO ’19 WÄHRING @ KunstbeTrieb:
11.05.19 D-Augsburg: private event: with Roland Etzin & Gerald Fiebig & LDX#40
02.05.19 A-Graz: interprenetation @ club wakuum: with Riviere & Di Placido & SIGILLUM S
01.05.19 D-Diedorf: maskenmuseum: as EMERGE vs. TIMBER RATTLE with FITCHERS VOGEL
24.04.19 D-Chemnitz: PLUS bar: as Stadlmeier with BEBAWINIGI & Convs and the ovomat
20.04.19 BE-Bruxelles: private event: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & SF LOTEKS + TÖRST OBBORUN
19.04.19 BE-Brugge: Koersepeerd: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & ONEIRICH
18.04.19 D-Aachen: AZ Aachen: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & SISTO ROSSI
17.04.19 NL– Den Haag: Villa K – Stichting Centrum: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & Ash/Everywhere
16.04.19 NL-Winterswijk: white noise studio: recording session: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS
15.04.19 D-Duisburg: private event: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & VADERS ORCHESTRA
14.04.19 D-Frankfurt: private event: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS
13.04.19 D-Karlsruhe: AKK: with FALL INTO DRY LUNGS & TRRMÀ & BOOLVAR
06.04.19 D-Berlin: Borsig Amp Fest @ Kesselhaus Herzberge
30.03.19 D-Pfarrkirchen: Glasbau: as EVAMUSS & EMERGE with Harald Lillmeyer & with Lu Laumer & Jack Oby
17.03.19 DK-København: Støberiet: as Claus Poulsen & EMERGE with RE-DRUM & Ayon
16.03.19 SWE-Stockholm: Fylkingen: with RE-DRUM & NEIZVESTIJA & JSH
14.03.19 SWE-Göteborg: Kulturtemplet: with RE-DRUM
12.03.19 NOR-Oslo: private event: with RE-DRUM & COFFIN VOMIT
10.03.19 FIN-Lappeenranta: Galleria HOI SIE.: with RE-DRUM & OK
09.03.19 FIN-Helsinki: Noise Space III @ Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki: with RE-DRUM & [ówt krì] & YANA & Rotat & Atrophist/Feiticeira Grega & Mark & Luke Lund & Brick Boob
07.03.19 LTU-Kaunas: Socialinis Centras „Emma“: with RE-DRUM
05.03.19 LVA-Riga: Aleponija: with RE-DRUM
04.03.19 LTU-Vilnius: Kirtimų kultūros centras: with RE-DRUM & Yiorgis Sakellariou
01.03.19 D-Augsburg: private event: with Jonah Segers & xqm
23.02.19 D-Augsburg: abraxas: with Studio KO-OP & Gerald Fiebig
16.12.18 D-Augsburg: private gig: as NYM with TACET TACET TACET & DABIT VOCEM AUSTRIA
07.12.18 D-Augsburg: villa: with JOOKLO TRIO
23.11.18 A-Hohenems: ProKontra – Radio Proton: as Stadlmeier with DABIT VOCEM AUSTRIA & WORTE DER UNENDLICHKEIT
10.11.18 FR-Marseille: La Tache: with OCCUPIED HEAD & B°TONG
09.11.18 ES-Barcelona: Màgia Roja: with OCCUPIED HEAD & B°TONG & L’Ocell
07.11.18 ES-Barcelona: Radio Ateneu del Clot: with OCCUPIED HEAD & B°TONG
06.11.18 FR-Montpellier: Luttopia: with OCCUPIED HEAD & B°TONG & AYANKOKO
04.11.18 FR-Toulouse: Les Pavillons Sauvages: with OCCUPIED HEAD & B°TONG
22.10.18 CZ-Ostrava: Antikvariát a klub Fiducia: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA & Säkkikangas
21.10.18 POL-Bytom: Wolne Tory TSA: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA
20.10.18 POL-Kraków: Baza: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA & ERIC BAUER
18.10.18 POL-Warszawa: Przychodnia Skłot: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA & Dąbrowski/Wrzosek/Majewski/Postaremczak
14.10.18 D-Chemnitz: Festival für Literatur und Design @ Lokomov: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA & Baker/Goff/Harris
13.10.18 D-Weikersheim: Club W71: with CRANK STURGEON & IF, BWANA & Baker/Goff/Harris
07.10.18 D-Frankfurt: Der Schein trügt – Kunstfestival @ Ost-Stern: with Benja Riegenroth & Lasse-Marc Riek & Dirk Hülstrunk & Variete De La Rue & Kintopf / Fox
06.10.18 D-Offenbach: BendMakeChange-Festival @ Waggon am Kulturgleis: as ANJA KREYSING/EMERGE with Jack Moves & Melted Moon & GrGr & Björn Peng
30.09.18 D-Berlin: Kühlspot: as SEKI/GORMLEY/EMERGE with INUTILE TÉMOIN
29.09.18 D-Augsburg: private gig: as natură moartă (KAZEHITO SEKI + EMERGE)
with dj Balli + MC Shell8Bit
18.09.18 RU-Orjol: private gig: with RE-DRUM
14.09.18 RU-Moskva: DOM cultural center: with INSTINCT PRIMAL & DAVE PHILLIPS &  PURBA & RE-DRUM
13.09.18 RU-Voronezh: Bookstore @ Petrovski Passage: with INSTINCT PRIMAL & DAVE PHILLIPS
12.09.18 RU-Rostov-on-Don: Noiseroom @ Donskaya Public Library: with INSTINCT PRIMAL & DAVE PHILLIPS & SYMPHOCAT & KIRLIT
11.09.18 RU-Novorossiysk: Art-Park: with INSTINCT PRIMAL & DAVE PHILLIPS
08.09.18 RU-Sevastopol: Seratonin Gallery: with INSTINCT PRIMAL & DAVE PHILLIPS & SIJ
31.08.18 D-Augsburg: villa: as The big Black riding Hoods & with BODYCOCKTAIL
30.08.18 D-Frankfurt: Xerox Exotique – INM: as The big Black riding Hoods & with BODYCOCKTAIL
24.08.18 D-Augsburg: villa: as Stadlmeier & with GUIGUISUISUI & Gerald Fiebig
23.08.18 D-Offenbach: Waggon am Kulturgleis: as Stadlmeier with GUIGUISUISUI & Gerald Fiebig
22.08.18 D-Bochum: Bastion: with GUIGUISUISUI & Gerald Fiebig
21.08.18 D-Münster: dirty side: as STADLMEIER/KREYSING with GUIGUISUISUI
20.08.18 D-Hamburg: Radio FSK / difficult music for difficult people – with GUIGUISUISUI
19.08.18 D-Hamburg: Schute – with GUIGUISUISUI
17.08.18 D-Berlin: Geyger Art Gallery – with GUIGUISUISUI & TAZ 3 & HYENAZ
12.08.18 CZ-Praha: Brix Hostel – with GUIGUISUISUI
11.08.18 CZ-Praha: (A)VOID Floating Gallery – as GUIGUISUISUI vs. EMERGE
10.08.18 AU-Wien: grundsteinsieben – with GUIGUISUISUI
09.08.18 CZ-Brno: Metro Music Bar – with GUIGUISUISUI
20.07.18 D-Augsburg: re:flexions sound-art festival 2018 @ Kulturhaus abraxas
29.06.18 Augsburg: villa: as EXEDO with NODOLBY & daog
25.06.18 AU-Wien: Venster 99: with XFnX & REMETEMEN
23.06.18 HUN-Miskolc: Tinta Social: with XFnX & REMETEMEN
22.06.18 HUN-Debrecen: BanZaj #29 @ ZH Galéria: with XFnX
19.06.18 BGR-Pleven: DOM kafe: with XFnX
18.06.18 BGR-Varna: Хале 3: with XFnX & AUTONOMATON
17.06.18 BGR-Plovdiv: Absinthe House: with XFnX & CHANGING PERSPECTIVES &
16.06.18 BGR-Sofia: private event: with XFnX & CHANGING PERSPECTIVES
15.06.18 MKD-Skopje: Dunja: with XFnX
14.06.18 SRB-Beograd: AKAB Okretnica: with XFnX & GENESIS
13.06. SRB-Novi Sad: Kulturni Centar LAB: with XFnX & ROVAR17
12.06.18 SRB-Kragujevac: Noise Connection Fest @ Doma Omladina gallery: with XFnX & 886VG & RAVEN & FECAL VOMIT & ROVAR17 & WAAS & TRAUMATOR
10.06.18 BIH-Sarajevo: ARTELJE: with XFnX & 886VG & PRAYING FOR OBLIVION
07.06.18 IT-Belluno: Noises From The Basement Vol. 14 @ Nord Tattooing: with XFnX & 886VG & FUKTE
06.06.18 IT-Treviso: Dirtmor: with XFnX & 886VG
05.06.18 IT-Firenze: Titty Twister: with XFnX & BAD GIRL & NARESH RAN
13.05.18 D-Düsseldorf: Galerie Stolte: with SixTurnsNine
11.05.18 D-Berlin: Habitat – An Interactive Virtual Playground @ VOODOO55: collab with SixTurnsNine
10.05.18 D-Dresden: Club Debil – Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz: with SixTurnsNine & LDX#40
09.05.18 D-Offenbach: Xerox Exotique – Waggon am Kulturgleis: with SixTurnsNine & LDX#40 & RE-DRUM
23.04.18 D-Augsburg: villa: as Lillmeyer / Stadlmeier with BEBAWINIGI
27.03.18 HUN-Budapest: Trafik klub: with ROVAR 17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL & Kösz Vitya!
26.03.18 HUN-Veszprém: Szigony: with ROVAR 17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL
25.03.18 A-Wien: Zentrale: with ROVAR 17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL & PAGAN 11
24.03.18 A-Dornbirn: Schlachthaus: with ROVAR17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL & COMA.
23.03.18 A-Dornbirn: Radio Proton: with ROVAR17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL & COMA. & DABIT VOCEM AUSTRIA
20.03.18 Augsburg: Villa: with LDX#40 & GENESIS & ROVAR17
19.03.18 D-München: MAJ MUSICAL MONDAY – Glockenbachwerkstatt: with LDX#40 & GENESIS & ROVAR17 & RITUAL EXTRA
14.02.18 FR-Paris: CmptrMthmtcs – La Pointe Lafayette: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland & Camille Emaille / Thomas Z / Basile Naudet & Augustin Bette and Nina Garcia & Cathode & †eenage god
12.02.18 IT-Fossano: LaViolenza: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
11.02.18 IT-Chiuppano: Osteria al Castello: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
10.02.18 IT-Bologna: Il Cerchio dalla Libia a via Libia: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
09.02.18 A-Wien: AU: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland & Heiland & Strigoi
08.02.18 CZ-Praha: Punctum – Krásovka: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
07.02.18 CZ-Praha: private gig: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
06.02.18 CZ-Ceske Budejovice: Music Bar Velbloud: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
04.02.18 D-Berlin: IPA Bar: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
03.02.18 D-Karlsruhe: AKK: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
02.02.18 D-Augsburg: villa: with Limited Liability Sounds & Last King Of Poland
10.01.18 POL-Łodz: DOM: with Kazehito Seki
09.01.18 POL-Poznań: Schron: with Kazehito Seki / Random Mode / Krystyna Lama
08.01.18 CZ-Ostrava: Antikvariát a klub Fiducia: with Kazehito Seki & Massola
07.01.18 CZ-Pardubice: DUB 2.0: with Kazehito Seki & Paregorik
06.01.18 D-Augsburg: private event: with Marina Stewart & Kazehito Seki & uldorox
26.11.17 D-Frankfurt: Xerox Exotique – INM: as EMERGE & EIGENIDYLL with b°tong & szmt
25.11.17 BE-Antwerp: Casa de Sonny: with b°tong
24.11.17 FR-Rennes: La Part Des Anges: as EMERGE &  SONOMETER with b°tong & SRVTR & Maurice Pozor
23.11.17 FR-Rouen: Le 3 Pièces Muzik’Club: with b°tong & Meysson-Loubatière duo & Wiche
22.11.17 FR-Paris: CmptrMthmtcs – Le Marche: with b°tong & MINUTE DE S. & Bintahaha
21.11.17 BE-Bruxelles: Barlok: with b°tong
20.11.17 D-Mannheim: Theaterhaus G7: with b°tong
19.11.17 D-Münster: Communiqué – no cube: with ANJA KREYSING & HERR PENSCHUCK
18.11.17 D-Essen: NOISE vs POETRY – Falkenzentrum Kray: with KAFFEE UND KUCHEN & CAPSULAR & KILLER & GEHIRN. IMPLOSION & Jenz Dieckmann & Lütfiye Güzel & Philip Nußbaum & Roland Adelmann
27.10.17 D-Augsburg: lab30-Festival as PHONOGRAPHIA
14.10.17 D-Augsburg: Provino Club – re:flexions: as GORMLEY/STADLMEIER with DOC WÖR MIRRAN & ALBERT PLANK
13.10.17 D-München: 84 GHz – Raum für Gestaltung: as GORMLEY/STADLMEIER with DOC WÖR MIRRAN
07.10.17 D-Augsburg: private event as AD~E with NORBERT STAMMBERGER & MENTAL ESCAPE POD
01.10.17 D-Berlin: Noiseberg: with I’VE SEEN DEMONS & Vamilienfater & Mia Dyberg + Roberta WJM & Bouba
30.09.17 D-Mestlin: Kulturhaus Mestlin: as Sascha Stadlmeier with Greta Neven & Markus Schwill & Wolfgang Neven
25.09.17 D-Hamburg/World: Radio FSK Hamburg – Difficult Music For Difficult People: as Sascha Stadlmeier with Dieter Mauson  & Markus Schwill & Herr Penschuck & Wolfgang Neven
22.09. – 29.09.17 D-Karze: Noise Factory Workshop
21.09.17 D-Preetz: Noise Factory Live – KLANG-GALERIE PREETZ: as Sascha Stadlmeier with Arne Heisch & Wolfgang Neven & Henning André Voss
16.09.17 D-Augsburg: k15 – re:flexions: with 0101
02.09.17 D-Augsburg: private event as KELLER / STADLMEIER with SIEQSONICK
18.08.17 D-Augsburg: k15 – re:flexions: as SONOMETER with SRVTR & GUS RING
17.08.17 D-München: Halle 6: as SONOMETER
16.08.17 D-Offenbach: Xerox Exotique – Waggon am Kulturgleis: as SONOMETER with SRVTR & szmt
22.07.17 D-Augsburg: k15 – re:flexions / sound-art festival: as EMERGE & as Zwang-Eriksson/Kiesewetter/Stadlmeier with Re-Drum & Sterile Garden & Acid Discharge & Dabit Vocem Austria & Jesus Jackson und die grenzlandreiter & Les Horribles Travailleurs & Fall Into Dry Lungs & Lavas/Magmas & Joux Joux
07.07.17 D-Augsburg: k15 – re:flexions: as NARCOSES with GRIMÉNY & KALINKA
24.06.17 D-Augsburg: Lange Nacht der Freiheit @ Kunstverein im Holbeinhaus as ESZSE
20.06.17 D-Augsburg: Die Metzgerei – gig for opening of the exhibition „Ausstellungskombinat/ Julian Riegel & Andreas Niedermeier“
10.06.17 D-Hamburg: Atelierhaus23 with IF, BWANA & Lucia Mense & PAAK
09.06.17 D-Berlin: XB-LIEBIG with IF, BWANA
08.06. SVK-Bratislava: RestArt bar with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM
07.06.17 HUN-Budapest: Havizaj#104 @ Zeg Zug with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM & All Machine & TH Anatol
06.06.17 HUN-Debrecen: BanZaj #20 @ MODEM with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM
05.06.17 HUN-Miskolc: Noizistic_session#1_tinta with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM & REMETEMEN
04.06.17 SRB-Novi Sad: Improstor @ dom b-612 with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM
01.06.17 SI-Ljubljana: Cirkulacija2 with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM &&&
31.05.17 I-Belluno: Noises From The Basement #4 @ Nord Tattoing with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM
30.05.17 I-Lido di Dante (Ravenna) : Stereo Club with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM
29.05.17 I-Genova : QSQDR – secret gig with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM & HARSHALL
28.05.17 CH-Zürich : Umbo with IF, BWANA & RE-DRUM & fezayafirar
27.05.17 D-Augsburg: k15 – re:flexions: as mёrtwaya priroda with IF, BWANA & MARTYN SCHMIDT & GERALD FIEBIG feat. RE-DRUM
26.05.17 D-Frankfurt: INM as PHONOGRAPHIA & as L’MERGE 40 with IF, BWANA
18.05.17 D-Oberschönenfeld: Schwäbisches Volkskundemuseum Oberschönenfeld for the opening of the exhibition „Entdecken, Recyclen, Bewahren. Material in der Kunst“
08.04.17 D-Weikersheim: Club W71 as AZBUKA feat. EMERGE with SNØGG
30.03.17 D-München: Klangbüro as PHONOGRAPHIA with Stebbins/Pfluger & b°tong
31.03.17 D-Augsburg: DIE DREI: H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst as Sigdell/Müller/Stadlmeier
01.04.17 D-Augsburg: private event as DON VOMP / EMERGE with b°tong & GELBA & Martyn Schmidt
28.01.17 D-Regensburg: KunstvereinGRAZ as PHONOGRAPHIA & natură moartă with KAZEHITO SEKI
27.01.17 D-Augsburg: private event as natură moartă with HUH & IPPIO PAYO
07.01.17 D-Augsburg: private event as NATURA MORTA with MARTYN SCHMIDT
29.10.16 PL-Wroclaw: Carpe Diem
28.10.16 POL-Warszawa: Make Some Noise #4
27.10.16 PL-Lodz: Cafe Bar Poczekalnia with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS &  B°TONG
26.10.16 PL-Krakow: W Remoncie with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS &  B°TONG
24.10.16 CZ-Praha: Punctum – Krásovka with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS &  B°TONG & TEREZOR
23.10.16 D-Dresden: Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS &  B°TONG & SKREI
22.10.16  D-Frankfurt: Phonophon – Institut für Neue Medien with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS & MUYASSAR KURDI & B°TONG
19.10.16 F-Lille: Quelque Part Records with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS & MUYASSAR KURDI & B°TONG
18.10.16 F-Montpellier: Le Royal Occupé with LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS & MUYASSAR KURDI & B°TONG
08.10.16 D-Augsburg: Festival für improvisierte Musik as Harald Lillmeyer/Sascha Stadlmeier
23.09.16 D-Augsburg: k15 as EIGENIDYLL with GO & LDX#40 & ALL MACHINE
21.09.16 D-Hamburg: Baustelle eins with HERR PENSCHUCK
17.09.16 BE-Antwerpen: Morbus Gravis with THAT BLACK & DIRK SERRIES
16.09.16 NL-Den Haag: Villa Te Koop with THAT BLACK & ARMA AGHARTA & BIYI AMEZ
15.09.16 D-Bochum: Bastion with THAT BLACK
14.09.16 D-Augsburg: k15 as gshån enåjyaj with THAT BLACK
03.09.16 D-Augsburg: echokammer – Ganze Bäckerei as MARTAVICTOR vs. EMERGE
06.08.16 BGR-Ecological Sound of Varna fest number 4 with NIKU SENPUKI  & PAVLEISDEAD +++
05.08.16 BGR-Pleven: Dom Kafe with NIKU SENPUKI &  PAVLEISDEAD
03.08.16 SI- Ljubljana: Cirkulacija² with NIKU SENPUKI &  PAVLEISDEAD & NEVEN M. AGALMA
23.07.16 D-Augsburg: k15 as EMERGE and as NATUREZA MORTA with DOC WÖR MIRRAN & DA & KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE feat. HumanHate666
18.06.16 D-München: „20 Jahre MGNM“ @ Schwere Reiter with Stefan Schulzki & Beatrice Ottmann + + +
11.06.16 D-Regensburg: KunstvereinGRAZ with HOLZKOPF, KIKIRIKI & UNII
09.06.16 A-Linz: Holzhaus with HOLZKOPF & KIKIRIKI
07.06.16 SI- Hrastnik: Mladinski center with HOLZKOPF & KIKIRIKI & many more
06.06.16 SI- Ljubljana: Cirkulacija 2 with HOLZKOPF & KIKIRIKI & many more

05.06.16 SI- Vrhnika: Klub Zakon with HOLZKOPF & KIKIRIKI & many more
04.06.16 SI- Trbovlje : Vašhava RTH – Zasavje Noisefest International 2016
03.06.16 SI- Trbovlje : Vašhava RTH – Zasavje Noisefest International 2016
02.06.16 SI- Ljubljana: Live radio show at Radio Študent FM 89,3MHz, after midnight with HOLZKOPF & KIKIRIKI & many more
08.05.16 D-Berlin: XB Sunday Matinee – Liebig34 with DJ Dingo Susi & Fetter
29.04.16 D-Augsburg: k15 as part of PAT MOONCHY TRIO with FABIAN OTTO
10.04.16 D-Augsburg: Ganze Bäckerei as Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier with SOTHIAC
31.03.16 CH-Zürich: Wandler @ Wandellust with RE-DRUM & STROTTER INST.
28.03.16 IT-Genova: Kowalski with RE-DRUM
25.03.16 IT-Belluno: Protesi Acustiche XIV @ Antica Birreria Mezzaterra with RE-DRUM & LES LAPLACIENS & NODOLBY & FUKTE
23.03.16 D-Augsburg: k15 as RE-DRUM/EMERGE with MODELBAU & SINDRE BJERGA
12.03.16 A-Dornbirn: Sound Art Performance III @ Kulturcafé Schlachthaus as MYCROTOM + STEFAN SCHULZKI + EMERGE with Katajamäki, Mental Escape Pod, Vøid
10.03.16 D-Augsburg: BKK-Galerie (Abraxas) – solo performance for opening of sound-installation „30 fires“
11.02.16  P-Warszawa: Impro Miting #17 @ Klubojadalnia Eufemia as MARTWA NATURA with Chabiera, Romanowski and Zbikowska
09.01.16 D-Weikersheim: Club W71 as MARTWA NATURA with Suspicion Breeds Confidence and as SCHMITT-SOLECKA-STADLMEIER
08.01.16 D-Frankfurt: Phonophon – Institut für Neue Medien as MARTWA NATURA and as Eigenidyll
06.01.16 CH-LAC/La CHaux-de-Fonds as MARTWA NATURA with Xing, Nora Neko and Furutani
02.01.16  D-Augsburg: echokammer – Ganze Bäckerei as MARTWA NATURA
14.11.15 D-Augsburg: DIE ZWEI: H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst as Sascha Stadlmeier and Harald Lillmeyer
03.10.15 CZ-Praha: Dead Jack with JOUX JOUX and Romano Krzych
02.10.15 Make Some Noise #3, Warszawa with JOUX JOUX +++
01.10.15 CZ-Ostrava: Fiducia with JOUX JOUX
30.09.15 P-Bytom: Wolne Tory with JOUX JOUX
29.09.15 P-Wroclaw: Galeria na Czystej with JOUX JOUX
28.09.15 P-Poznań: LAS with JOUX JOUX
27.09.15 D-Mestlin: Kulturzentrum-Theater collab. with DON VOMP
26.09.15 D-Pampin: Offenes Atelier H. Hundrich, Pampin with DON VOMP
19.09.15 Atelierhaus23; Hamburg with CHAOTALION
11.09.15 D-Augsburg: hidden place as OMPHALOCELE with MORIHIDE SAWADA
10.09.15 D-Berlin: Hermetic Chamber Festival at Marie Antoinette collab. with MORIHIDE SAWADA
07.08.15 Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg with BOOKWAR, elektrojudas, XNDL
17.07.15 k15, Augsburg with KIEW ASPIRIN-N, AM.EISE
10.07.15 k15, Augsburg with CHAOTALION
20.06.15 Lange Nacht des Lichts, Soho Stage Augsburg with IF, BWANA,GERALD FIEBIG, elektrojudas
19.06.15 Club W71, Weikersheim with IF, BWANA, NIKU SENPUKI
16.04.15 Trafik klub (Havizaj), Budapest with RE-DRUM
14.04.15 Eufemia, Warszawa with RE-DRUM
13.04.15 Kolonia Artystów, Gdansk with PIOTR CISAK, RE-DRUM
11.04.15 MKKAKK, Berlin with RE-DRUM
10.04.15 Klirrbar, Offenbach with RE-DRUM
09.04.15 Einraumhaus, Mannheim with RE-DRUM, KIRCHHEIM VS. N(S)N
08.04.15 private event, München with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
06.04.15 Atelier de l’Etoile, Besancon with RE-DRUM
04.04.15 Cinéplace, Kortrijk with B°TONG, RE-DRUM
03.04.15 Le Renard Bleu, Brussels with B°TONG, RE-DRUM
01.04.15 Hirscheneck, Basel with B°TONG, RE-DRUM
31.03.15 Holzhaus, Linz with B°TONG, RE-DRUM
21.03.15 Pfarrheim St. Thaddäus, Augsburg with ALL MACHINE, XNDL, elektrojudas
20.03.15 abraxas Theater, Augsburg with DUO RECORDRONIK, GERALD FIEBIG
20.02.15 bei Koc, Hannover with RUMPELN, ORiFiCE
29.11.14 jetzt:musik! DIE EINS, H2 Augsburg
01.11.14 echokammer, Ganze Bäckerei Augsburg with PRINZIP NEMESIS–12
28.09.14 Studio KO-OP, Hamburg with TBC, ROBERT FREY
27.09.14 Annahof, Augsburg as part of AORCHITEKSTEUR
31.05.14 FSK, Hamburg with TBC, GERALD FIEBIG, DON VOMP
03.05.14 ac headquarter, Augsburg with SINTARI MIMITHE, GERALD FIEBIG, elektrojudas
06.04.14 Lothringer 13, München with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
04.04.14 PHONOPHON, Frankfurt with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
03.04.14 Lesecafe im Compott, Chemnitz with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
02.04.14 Noiseangriff im Lauschangriff, Berlin with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
01.04.14 Alhambra, Oldenburg with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
30.03.14 FSK, Hamburg with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
29.03.14 The Elephant, Bremen with JOKE LANZ, RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
27.03.14 Bastion, Bochum with RE-DRUM, JOUX JOUX
21.12.13 our kitchen, München with GERALD FIEBIG, JOUX JOUX, SERJ TOMORROW
30.11.13 jetzt:musik! AUFTAKT, tim Augsburg with GERALD FIEBIG
22.11.13 CAIRO, Würzburg with B°TONG, JIKU 55, GERALD FIEBIG
16.11.13 PHONOPHON, Frankfurt with GERALD FIEBIG, NIKU SENPUKI, elektrojudas, MARTYN SCHMIDT
23.10.13 Lothringer 13, Munich with IF, BWANA, GERALD FIEBIG, elektrojudas
18.10.13 elektrosmog at zeitraumexit, Mannheim with THORSTEN SOLTAU, GERALD FIEBIG
08.06.13 attenuation circuit festival III, Ballonfabrik Augsburg with KITTY EMPIRE, DOC WÖR MIRRAN, SCHRÄGLAGE, POEMBEAT, NIKU SENPUKI, KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE
19.11.12 attenuation circuit festival II, Junges Theater Augsburg with B°TONG, DISKREPANT, TAMAGAWA
25.10.12 lab30 Festival, Augsburg with NIKU SENPUKI, elektrojudas, MARTYN SCHMIDT, DON VOMP
04.07.12 Die Ganze Bäckerei,Augsburg with IF, BWANA, SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT, elektrojudas
23.06.12 Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst with DON VOMP, ZANSTONES
08.05.12 Neue Gallerie, Höhmannhaus Augsburg with elektrojudas
17.11.11 Die Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg with NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT
30.07.11 Elektromagnetischer Sommer, Starkart Zürich with GERHARD ZANDER, EAZY
04.06.11 Die lange Nacht der Meisterwerke, Stadtmetzg Augsburg with GERHARD ZANDER, EAZY
19.02.11 Galerie am Graben, Augsburg with GERALD FIEBIG, BRUNO KLIEGL
01.11.10 lab30 Festival, Augsburg
06.11.09 lab30 Festival, Augsburg with DON VOMP
20.05.09 echokammer, Junges Theater Augsburg with SEBASTIAN GIUSSANI, R.X.o.N.


04.06. – 23.10.20 D-Augsburg: abraxas: „step ꝏ“ for LOOP39
10.03.-30.04.16 „30 fires“ for LOOP30, Kulturhaus Abraxas, Augsburg
27.09.14 “progressed” for AORCHITEKSTEUR at Annahof, Augsburg
4.6.-15.6.14 “post-industrial” with GERALD FIEBIG for Grenzenlos Festival, Augsburg


12″ vinyl (ltd.ed. 300 copies)

cover-neu front Toy Bizarre-new Kopiecover-neu rear EMERGE-NEU Kopie

Since the 1990s, French sound artist Cédric Peyronnet has established himself as one of the most prolific and original composers working with field recordings. After numerous CD releases under his own name and as ingeos and toy.bizarre, this is his first ever vinyl. It was made commissioned by composer and label head EMERGE. A long-standing fan of Peyronnet, he contributes a piece to the split release that is based on Peyronnet’s recordings.

The theme running through the whole split album is the acoustics of mines. All material is based on field recordings made by Peyronnet in (partially disused) French mines in the mid-1990s. Scratching, gravelly, cavernous sounds dominate the soundscape, evoking a world of subterranean gloom that seems familiar to listeners of EMERGE’s bass-heavy drone compositions. In Peyronnet’s piece, the field recordings are simply arranged in a collage-like manner, but the atmosphere created by this editing is strikingly similar to the one dominating the album side processed by EMERGE. This turns the album into a subtle play with the expectations of the audience. What just a second ago seemed to be mere random ambient sound suddenly turns into a musical structure through rhythmic repetition, and an apparently documentary audio snapshot might actually be digitally treated. Through this intriguing interplay, the two artists make us reflect on the role of the recording medium which, through the very fact that it is a medium, turns every ‘natural’ sound into a ‘cultural’ artefact.

File under: phonography, drone


CD-R (ltd. ed 33 copies)

front Kopie    rear Kopie

All Machine is Hungarian sound poet Kinga Toth. She is heard live in performance on the first track of this album, first solo and then in an improvised duo with EMERGE. The third track of the album is a composition by EMERGE based on the sounds used for the collaboration.

While the tracks are entitled “…beyond birth”, “…beyond life”, and “…beyond death” respectively, All Machine is, first of all, beyond words. While she does use linguistic material, undecipherable as it is for non-Hungarian-speaking audiences and thus used in a musical/sonic rather than semantic way in this concert recorded in Germany, her voice is mainly used as a forceful instrument of physical performance, with looping and effect devices helping to creating a massive (wo)man-machine sound that finds a fitting counterpart in EMERGE’s ominous treatments that seem to come straight from underground factories where the voice of All Machine tries to assert its humanity in the face of existential alienation.

File under: sound poetry, drone