EMERGE – indulgence


EMERGE – indulgence
cassette (ltd.ed. 50 copies)

includes download-code for exclusive EP: EMERGE – perish (only available with this cassette)


white cassette in white jewel case, limited edition 50 copies

photography by Andrea Forster
mastering and design by EMERGE

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new review on unruhr


versunken in den geräuschen. industriell. fast atonal. den ball zuspielen. gegenseitig motivierter aufbau. exkursionen in die kavernen.

ungefähr so lässt sich die zusammenarbeit von emerge und holzkopf (name=!!!) umschreiben, die in einer frappierend ungeschliffenen art die höhrer einfängt. gerade zwei stücke, diese dafür überlang, zum teil samples dritter bearbeitend (y-ton-g, orifice), in einer soundästhetik, die ungeschönt abbilden will (und kann), was das gegenseitige zuspielen lostreten konnte. und immer wieder der fast verborgene widerhall von melodien, so kurz, als ob es nur einbildung war und so verborgen unter den geräuschhaften attacken wie ein echo aus anderer quelle (was, mit blick auf die samples, ja durchaus tatsache sein könnte). das geschehen ist dabei nahe bei den höhrern, die benutzten hallräume sind eher eng und gewunden statt kathedrahlenartig unendlich; die gegen ende des ersten stücks „masony“ entstehenden, dichten schichten aus vielfach zerissenen soundfetzen reiben sich so fast harsch-noise artig an den engen wänden, bevor ein ausgang in die fast-stille gefunden wird. nur um sich wieder in die unterwelt zu begeben… stück zwei, „metallurgy“ ist weit weniger attackierend, lässt der stille zwischen den unkenntlichen geräuschfetzen eigene räume, bleibt abwartend, fast wie eine soundinstallation, spannung in der stille…

schöne grüße


new review in Vital Weekly


The other one is along similar lines, but recorded live. I think the credit on the cover is a bit silly: ‚feat. Eljara of Prinzip Nemesis‘, why not just ‚feat. Eljara‘. She a singer in a band called Prinzip Nemesis (see also Vital Weekly 930). Recorded in concert last year and it lasts close to thirty minutes, but is still a song to the label; for me as well. Eljara’s voice sit wonderfully well in the soundscape created by Emerge, with a bit of difference: she’s sings more throughout, and even while much of this is not to be understood either (more wordless humming than actual lyrics), it’s also clear that both musicians react and improvise to each other’s contribution. Here too Emerge keeps his contributions sparse and to the point, at least for three-quarter of the piece, but even at this stage the sudden layering of sounds is brief and very much to the point. It goes very well. This is altogether an excellent piece of music.

new review in Vital Weekly

UNII/EMERGE – … DISTANT GLOW…  (CDR by Attenuation Circuit)

Labelboss Emerge is responsible for the other two releases. The first one is with Unii, a singer, songwriter and electronic music composer from Hokkaido, up north in Japan. I don’t think I know her work very well, if at all, but apparently it has been described as post-Björk and a bit like Tujiko Noriko (of whom I haven’t heard in quite some time). I assume that on this disc Emerge takes her music apart and constructs five new pieces of music, which occasionally shines through her voice, but is otherwise engaged in making it sound totally different. It’s something that merges pretty well. The whispering voice, all in Japanese, along with the computer-processed sounds of Emerge make up from some highly interesting pieces of music. The ringing of metallic sounds, lots of reverb and delay applied to these sounds, adding a spooky texture to the music, certainly combined with that voice. Maybe the lyrics are all sweet and loving, but if you can’t understand what they are about it’s of course a bit more difficult. What I like about this is that Emerge distributes his sounds rather sparsely and gives lot of room to Unii, creating an open space to work in.

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toy.bizarre / EMERGE: Split


It would be interesting to hear how a listener might respond to this split release (available as a download and in a vinyl limited edition of 300 copies) by toy.bizarre (French sound artist Cédric Peyronnet) and EMERGE (Attenuation Circuit label head Sascha Stadlmeier) under blindfold conditions, given how unusual its sound contents are. In fact, the recording’s three pieces are based on field recordings gathered by Peyronnet in 1995 in (partially disused) mines in Puy-Les-Vignes. On this thirty-nine-minute collection, toy.bizarre is represented by two pieces and EMERGE (who, a long admirer of Peyronnet’s work, commissioned the release) a single, twenty-minute setting that’s based on toy.bizarre’s material.

In true soundsculpting tradition, Peyronnet collects representative sounds of a particular place and then composes a work using only those sounds, the goal being to create a sonic portrait of the locale. His first piece, “kdi Dctb 018[a],” teems with flurries of creaking and gravelly sounds, but it’s not without musical content, as Peyronnet threads into its center a droning pulse. It’s not without its share of surprises either, as demonstrated by the abrupt disappearance of the burrowing noises midway through, a move that also produces a dramatic shift in dynamics when the now-unencumbered drone first intones quietly and then swells to a climax. “kdi Dctb 018[b]” bores deeply into its subterranean realm for nine writhing minutes of scraping and scratching, and parts company with the opening setting in burying its drone content almost to the point of near-inaudability.

On his side-long EMERGE setting “msl,” Stadlmeier fashions a complementary treatment to Peyronnet’s that’s filled with an equally generous share of gravelly textures. But “msl” distances itself from the opening settings in working convulsive rhythmic patterns into its musical framework, and the listener is presented with a dramatically different conception despite the fact that it’s based on the same material Peyronnet used for his. Accentuating that difference further, Stadlmeier’s piece ventures down multiple pathways, some episodes densely packed and others less so, and an extensive array of textural treatments is presented as the exploration progresses. One thus comes away from the release hearing “msl” as more of a formally composed setting and the toy.bizarre pieces as incident-rich collages.


UNII – EMERGE…distant glow…

proud to present !

UNII – EMERGE – distant glow
CD-R (ltd.ed. 33 copies)



A musical trip in five tracks from “Awakening” to “Illusion,” from one dream to the next – perhaps evoking the lucid state of lack of sleep associated with extensive touring, as this album was recorded during Unii’s 2015 European tour.

Unii is a singer, songwriter, electronic music composer (ambient, avant-garde pop) from Northern island of Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan. Her soft yet powerful voice mixed with electronic sound music has aptly been described as post-Bjork, but also bears some kinship with the work of her countrywoman Tujiko Noriko. Unii has been performing live not only in Japan but also in Europe and Asia, such as Singapore, Vietnam and China. This album combines her improvised vocals and sparse synthetic textures with EMERGE’s snarling, grating metal sounds that eventually morph into something akin to bird song or other animal sonics.